How Does BulletProof vest Personal Body Armor Works?


If you want to protect yourself from bullets fired by terrorists or hidden enemies, wear bodyarmor. Personal Body Armor, commonly known as ‘Bulletproof vest', can save your life from bullets. Soldiers have been wearing armor for thousands of years to protect themselves from enemies. Body armor is widely used by military, police, and body guards all over the world. Why not by you? You can find excellent and unique varieties of these vests on BulletProof Vest Shop.

Body armor is a 'bullet-resistant vest'.  Body armor has a web of very strong fibers. When a bullet strikes it, the impact energy is transmitted to the vest from the bullet. The fibers absorb and disperse this energy causing the bullet to deform. The web is hard enough to deflect the bullet. To every action there is always opposed an equal reaction and so the armor stuff pushes out on the bullet with the same power or nearly the same force with which the bullet pushes in, so the armor is not penetrated. Additional energy is absorbed by each successive layer of material in the vest; until such time as the bullet has been stopped.

Fibers of Bodyarmor prevent the bullet from penetrating inside. The multiple layers of the vest work together like a web and thus a large area of the vest prevent the bullet from penetrating. This also disperses the forces. However this may cause blunt trauma resulting into some non penetrating injuries to inner organs of the body. Research is going on to find more suitable material so that a vest is constructed from a single ply of material.

Human flesh is soft and weak and bullets are solid and fast. Body armor has proven very effective in saving men lives under different situations. Bulletproof vests of different design and strength are made for different purposed. For example, body armor designed to overpower rifle fire is of either rigid or semi-rigid construction, made metals and hard materials like ceramics. Because of its weight and bulkiness, it is not practical for routine use. It is more relevant for use for short periods of time in tactical situations. It is worn especially to deal with higher level risks. Today, modern generation of concealable body armor is available. You can visit BulletProof Vest Shop and buy armor of different specifications.

Armor protects your precious life and you can, as per your threat perception, choose out of a variety of levels designed to overcome common low or medium energy handgun rounds to a rifle fire. To get high quality of armor please visit  and buy body armor of your choice.